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About Us

Netamaker is an effort to empower the new generation of voters in India with the tools needed  to objectively evaluate the performance of their elected leaders and make informed electoral choices.

As NRIs, many of us have wondered why the government officials in other countries call us back when we leave a message. We have wondered why politicians in the developed nations stand in line at a Starbucks Coffee shop. Many of us also wonder why these things cannot happen in India. Today, resources are not the challenge, knowledge is not the challenge, the challenge appears to be around governance, accountability and lack of political will.

The political scene in India is in the midst of a transformation as the expectations of a new generation, which is globally literate, is changing drastically.  Along with it politics, and the qualifications for being a politician are changing too. Going forward politicians will be evaluated not based on their "speech records" but based on their "track records". The new generation of voters will demand more transparency, question status quo and will actively air their views on social media. Our aspiration is that Netamaker would be that place where all things political will play out in the future.

For a politicians who would like to engage with the aspiring class of 500 million Indian citizens below the age of 35, and very much social media saavy, Netamaker provides a forum to exchange ideas, get feedback and stay connected on topics that matter to their electorate.

Our research team has identified the top ten parameters to evaluate the electability of a candidate for the Loksabha election. Our rating algorithm has provided weightage in scoring based on how important these issues are to the electorate. As we hear from our users we shall continue to revise and refine these parameters.

As a first step, we are starting small with this website; please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. We look forward to your critical feedback as we continue to refine our service offering.

Wishing you a new direction in making informed choices this election season!!!

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About Us